06 October 2009

Chili Pepper Harvest

After transplanting small nursery seedlings to my backyard months ago, I now have proliferating, fully-grown Thai chili plants. Each of the three are each studded with dozens of the small but spicy peppers. I'm not much of a gardener, but from my understanding, the pepper in its green stage is spicier than when it is red, but the red has more flavor. I want to dry them red, but it seems to take forever for the chilies to make the green-to-red transition, so I've harvested quite a bit of them green and use them in practically every savory dish I make. Deciding to be patient and let them ripen more before harvesting, I've waited until a reasonable amount have turned color before snipping any more off. Here is what I harvested this afternoon:
There is a certain curry soup that I happen to really enjoy but have not made in awhile, but I think I should give it a go since I now have all of these wonderful chilies around. Had I not felt a bit lazy tonight, I might have cooked up the soup then, but I also had those tasty beanballs leftover from last night. I didn't assemble a sub exactly, as I suggested I would, but I did indeed go with the open-faced sandwich you see here, featuring marinara-simmered beanballs, melty vegan mozzarella, and whole wheat bread (I apologize for the blurry photo):
I slathered a bit more marinara over the beanballs, and they were just as good as last night. I still have more leftover, which I'll likely freeze.

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