22 October 2009

Easy Pumpkin Tortellini

I found a delightfully savory use for leftover pumpkin puree: pumpkin tortellini. Frankly, I'm a little burned out on sweet, pumpkin-spiced baked goods and am trying to avoid any more until Thanksgiving. The nice thing about the tortellini, too, is that they are so easy to make, which is great because I hadn't realized how little time I ended up having to make dinner tonight until I started getting hungry.
Tortellini construction consists of 1) the pasta element and 2) the filling. When put in that way, it might sound like a lot of work, but if you're not making every component from scratch, it's really, really simple. Rather than make my own pasta dough, I grabbed gyoza (Japanese dumpling) wrappers from the refrigerator instead, taking care of the first component. For the second component (the filling) I took a bit of my pumpkin puree and mixed in salt, pepper, nutmeg, and ground sage to taste. To assemble the tortellini, working one-at-a-time, I placed approximately one teaspoon of the filling onto a gyoza wrapper, wet the edges with water, and folded the wrapper into a half-moon, pressing the air out and sealing the edges. Leaving it at that stage would make it more ravioli-like, so to create tortellini, I gently made an indentation in the straight side of the half-moon and pulled the points together, sealing them with water and a good pinch. After using the remainder of the filling, I boiled maybe eight tortellini in salted water, then dressed them in a very small amount of jarred tomato sauce. The resulting pasta was creamy and delicate. The minimal use of seasonings and sauce allow for the creamy, slight sweetness of the pumpkin to come through nicely. I apologize for the less-than-amazing photos.

Cooked, pre-sauce

All sauced up

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