10 November 2009

Recent Kitchen Action

Although I've not yet confirmed what to do about my little vegan corner of the Thanksgiving table this year, I am leaning toward making an assortment of appetizer-like or bite-sized treats, savory and sweet.  Of course, that leaves the dilemma of deciding upon the specific little bites to make without going overboard.  I already have cookies and cupcakes in mind for dessert (pumpkin pie isn't doing it for me lately), but the savory element is up for grabs.  Hmmm.

In the meantime, I'm staying active in the kitchen, wondering whether I should even stick to a Thanksgiving-themed menu--ya know, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, etc.--or try for something more non-traditional, like say, a tasting of international delights.  I tend to cook whatever fits my mood, and often fall into particular types of cuisines for short spans, but this week, it seems that I'm all over the board.  Here are a few things I've created during the past few days:

Black bean and tofu enchiladas
These were a result of the remnants of a huge pot of freshly-cooked black beans and a leftover hunk of firm tofu.  The sauce is also from scratch, and on top of that is some "cheese" sauce (using Susan's recipe from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen) I still had from making baked potatoes a few days earlier.  I would occasionally buy a certain frozen black bean and tofu enchilada plate from the grocery store across the street from my apartment while still in school; this is my homemade version of it.

Pumpkin scones
I had a bit of black futsu pumpkin puree that needed to be used up, and found a recipe for Pumpkin Scones from Carole Raymond's Student's Go Vegan Cookbook.  I added just a bit of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves to prevent blandness and bring out the pumpkin flavor, but using a light touch to avoid overpowering it.  These were meant to be drop scones, but I wanted a more uniform size and shape, so I opted to drop the batter in muffin tins, resulting in the muffin-like appearance.

Hoppin' John
I saw the dried black-eyed peas in the pantry, and remembering how much I liked this recipe for Hoppin' John, I gave the recipe another go with most of the alterations I'd used the first time.  I threw in the last little bit of leftover black beans and a couple of seeded Thai chili peppers from the garden, so the dish turned out quite spicy.  I do enjoy spicy food, but even I have to admit that I was not expecting so much heat from the peppers, especially because they had not seemed to spice up other dishes I've used them quite to the same degree.  Apparently, I underestimated their potency.  But the food was good, so I can't complain too much.  I'll just make note of the amounts for the next time around.  Sorry for the poor quality of that last photo!


  1. Those enchiladas look simply amazing!

  2. Thanks, Vaishali! I love them because they're so simple to make using leftover or other readily-available ingredients.

  3. Thanks, Vaishali! I love them because they're so simple to make using leftover or other readily-available ingredients.


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