13 November 2009

When Cravings Compete

It's a bit unusual for seemingly opposing cravings for Thai food and pizza to swoop upon me at the same time, but maybe it was just one of those moments on one of those days.  It could have been a dilemma, but I was too hungry to ruminate.  Rather than settling for something quick and totally unrelated to the aforementioned cravings, I decided to slap the two ideas together and call it lunch.  Yes, it was time to finally try out a Thai-inspired pizza about which I've been quite curious but had never ventured to sample.  Its existence is not unheard of; in fact, I've heard that the California Pizza Kitchen, non-vegan manifestation of this concoction (Thai Chicken Pizza) has been pretty popular since its creation.  I've never had CPK's Thai pizza, but as far as I know, they use a peanut sauce as its base, which is what I did, so I'm sure my vegan version was somewhat reminiscient of CPK's non-vegan one.
I had some Trader Joe's Chicken-Less Strips lying about the refrigerator, so it worked quite well as a vegan substitute for protein.  I would have just stuck to veggies and peanut sauce had I not had those strips on hand, and it probably would've been just fine that way, but I liked that added substantiality from the protein.  I made a sauce from natural peanut butter, rice wine vinegar, shoyu, cilantro, chili paste, and a touch of water to loosen it up when it became too thick to spread nicely, eyeballing everything and tasting it to make sure the mixture resembled a Thai peanut sauce.  I dredged some browned pieces of faux chicken in the sauce so that they wouldn't be too dry while baking and set them aside while I spread the rest of the sauce on the disc of homemade whole wheat dough I had just rolled out.  Pre-oven toppings went as follows: faux chicken, red bell pepper slices, and steamed broccoli florets.  While the pizza was baking, I whipped up yet another batch of a Fatfree Vegan Kitchen recipe (this time for Mozarella-Style Cheeze).  After removing the pizza from the oven, I drizzled the Cheeze sauce over the top of the pizza, then sprinkled it all with grated carrot (supposedly in the style of CPK) and chopped cilantro.  Crushed peanuts would have made for an excellent crunchy topping.  I have to say, it can neither be considered remotely authentic (Thai or Italian), which is why I'm referring to my pizza as "Thai-inspired," but it was tasty anyway.  I basically used whatever vegetables I would have put with a peanut sauce, threw it on pizza crust, and topped it all with "melted" Cheeze to fuse the cuisines and tie the pizza concept together.  Surprisingly enough the Cheeze complemented the peanut sauce well, and half the pie later, my hunger and cravings were satisfied.  I'd say that experiment was a tasty success.


  1. I'm so happy you finally decided to try this! I remember your post (a month ago or so?) where you talked about Thai food and pizza. This looks super yummy!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad I finally tried it, too, because it turned out pretty tasty and it was a nice departure from the usual pizza routine.

  3. I'm so happy you finally decided to try this! I remember your post (a month ago or so?) where you talked about Thai food and pizza. This looks super yummy!


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