14 November 2010

Busy Sunday

While I would love to while the remaining weekend hours away at my leisure, I have a full day planned out-of-town with the family.    Fortunately, my general sleep deprivation somehow still allows me to be a "morning person," so I've squeezed in a run and breakfast to boot, the latter of which I briefly share with you.

Raised with the notion that Sundays call for "proper" breakfast (e.g., one involving something cooked rather than cold from a box), I still apparently retain that mindset to some degree, often taking the time to crank up the stove or oven for that all-important first meal of the day.  Given today's time restraints, I continued yesterday's emphasis on breakfast with another quick, morning classic: pancakes.  It seems like ages since I've eaten plain, traditional-style "buttermilk" pancakes--I often take advantage of the limitless creativity involving a basic batter by adding fillings or flavorings--so I decided upon cooking the No-Fail Buttermilk Pancakes from 500 Vegan Recipes.  I substituted all-purpose flour with whole wheat pastry flour, the sugar with a tablespoon of maple syrup.  As their name implies, these beauties did not fail my expectations at all; drizzled with pure maple syrup, these pancakes were delicious, tender, and very much reminiscent of regular, non-vegan versions I once enjoyed.  This may be my new go-to pancake recipe.
I hope everyone enjoys what's left of the weekend!


  1. Those looks delicious, I'll definitely be trying that recipe.

  2. these look great! I also made pancakes on the weekend :)

  3. excellent! we have our anniversary coming up this weekend... and we've already decided on the first part of our day: pancakes!!!

  4. Those looks delicious, I'll definitely be trying that recipe.


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