05 November 2010


I apologize for the abbreviated post today, but I'm worn from a long day (and week, for that matter) and struggling to summon the energy necessary for something more engaging.  But not to fret, I will return with more food-related musings tomorrow.  For now, I leave you with quick review of yet another sweet treat I made recently, courtesy Isa and Terry's wonderful book of cookie wonders, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.

I baked a batch of Kitchen Sink Chocolate Biscotti back when the weather logically permitted oven use (i.e., sometime before this week's heat wave), one morning when it seemed fitting to find a tasty nibble to enjoy along with hot, black coffee.  Coffee and biscotti are made for each other; chocolate merely adds another dimension to that lovley match.  Although the recipe looked great as written, I still could not resist my urge to tweak it ever-so-slightly.  I replaced the nondairy milk with cooled, strong coffee; reduced the oil and sugar; and added a touch of almond extract.  For the mix-ins, I used chopped almonds, hazelnuts, and chocolate chips, although any of the suggested combinations would certainly be just as enjoyable.  Thankfully, the cookies were still intact at the end of the entire baking process.  The nuts gave the biscotti a good element of crunch and the almond extract accentuated their flavor.  Reducing the sugar and oil did not seem to harm the final results, either texturally or flavor-wise, and the use of coffee rather than nondairy milk apparently worked well, adding depth and richness to the chocolate.  These biscotti were delicious and dangerously addictive.
Cookies and coffee would certainly be nice pick-me-ups at the moment, but alas, I have neither.  Oh well.  Happy Friday, all.


  1. Those sure look tempting. I think I now have to go see if there are any leftover cookies in the freezer. You've triggered my dessert bell.

  2. You and I were in a chocolate state of mind today...see my new frenchie blog...http://thefrenchvegan.blogspot.com

  3. I love biscotti! Great pic!

  4. I never made biscotti. Yours look so wonderful, I wanna bake a batch right now.

  5. I never made biscotti. Yours look so wonderful, I wanna bake a batch right now.


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