25 November 2010

Harvest Feasting

So begins a long day of food and socializing.  At the moment, the bustle in my sister's kitchen has still not radiated into chaos.  I'm only preparing two dishes, but orchestrating access to counter space and oven and stove time is somewhat tricky.  Such is the nature of holiday gatherings.

As the sole vegan at this year's feast, I brought along a single-portion, animal-free, frozen pot pie with the intention of potentially enjoying it as my entree for today's late lunch/early dinner.  But because I planned soup, bread, and salad for today's vegan portion of the menu, I decided to instead just eat the pie for lunch yesterday.  My sister is quite fortunate to live less than a block away from a farmers' market featuring so many fabulous food vendors, many of them including vegan selections.  I bought a Sweet Potato Thai Coconut Curry pot pie--vegan, of course--from one such vendor during a previous Bay visit and stored my purchase in the freezer.  After a brief thaw and reheat, the pie was as tasty as the market sample--sweet, savory, creamy, flaky, and hearty, all in one delicious package.
I hope you all enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving, or happy Thursday for my non-American friends.

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