19 November 2010

Pizza Kind of Day

It's the end of yet another week, there are leftovers abound, and I'm hardly in the mood to cook.  As a child and through my teen years, I considered Friday the second-best day of the week (just behind Saturday).  It marked the final school day before the weekend; evenings were often designated for movie theater ventures and sleepovers.  Even without after-school plans, I always prized Fridays for the brief respite it introduced from the weekday routine.

Nothing fueled the fun like a good, old-fashioned end-of-the-week pizza night.  Whether ordering in or making pies from scratch, there was always something deeply satisfying and comforting about sharing such doughy deliciousness with friends.  Unfortunately, that tradition of sorts occurs much more infrequently these days.  But funnily enough, most of my pizza consumption still occurs on Fridays--perhaps an unconscious ode to those vaguely celebratory gatherings from adolescence.  Such was the case today.  In my laziness, I had a small pie made to order from a nearby pizza vendor that recently began to offer Daiya mozzarella as an alternative to cheese.  My veggie-covered pizza was a delicious combination of mushrooms, red onions, artichokes, olives, bell peppers, and tomatoes atop a whole wheat base.  From the crisp, brick oven-roasted crust to melty vegan "cheese" to chunky vegetable fixings, the pie was quite the tasty end to a long week.  I'll save the cooking for tomorrow.
Happy Friday!


  1. Although it's very satisfying to make your own pizza, sometimes it feels great to be able to order a vegan pizza and just eat it.

  2. I wish I could order in a Daiya-smothered pizza! When I first saw the picture I thought it must have been homemade because it is so packed with delicious veggies!

  3. Gorgeous! You know, I've yet to try Daiya.
    Bon Weekend, Tiffany!

  4. I also like fridays a lot. But I like your pizza more.


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