24 December 2010

Decidedly Non-Festive Whoopie Pies

Christmas is upon us, with nonstop family socialization and accompanying obligatory baking extravaganzas contributing their expected share of festive sugar bombs, followed by physical and mental fatigue.  These handheld cookie-cakes were a product of some kitchen tinkering a couple weeks back--perhaps a warm-up to current holiday-centric baking--doubling as a way to use up overripe bananas (again) and revisit the novel-to-me world of whoopie pie-making (my first attempt didn't quite meet my expectations).  I may one day try to infuse some holiday spirit into these things, if not at least eventually reattempt the more traditional chocolate version.  For now, let's talk banana whoopie pies.
I adapted this Cate's World Kitchen recipe, using whole wheat pastry flour, vegan sour cream (what I had on hand) instead of yogurt, vegan "butter," and a flax "egg" (milled flax seed and water).  Gently sandwiched between soft, muffin top-like discs, leftover basic vegan "cream cheese" frosting from another project replaced the caramel-flavored filling called for in the recipe.  These whoopie pies initially required some delicate handling, but a spell in the refrigerator firmed them up enough to avoid too much of a gooey mess when it came time to nosh.  Sweet and borderline rich, these gems were like a dressed up version of banana muffin--much like banana cake, actually.  The flavor homage to the fruit-infused baked goods with which we are so familiar was certainly apparent, but these pies seemed different enough to be considered a refreshing departure from your average quick bread.
A rundown of actual holiday-themed baking is likely in this blog's future.  Until then, I wish a merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, with peace and happiness to all!


  1. festive or not, these look amazing! I miss whoopie pies!

  2. These look delicious! I love adding banana to baked goods:)

  3. You are so good at baking :) Those look great!

  4. These look delicious! I love adding banana to baked goods:)


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