24 March 2011

Eats of the Week

With the intensity of worldly events lately, it has been all too easy for me to feel more than a bit disconnected from my normal food enthusiasm. But I haven't lost it completely; the compulsion to engage in full-blown kitchen mode is rather sporadic, but detectable nonetheless. Developing the focus to share it in a cohesive way is another issue, but in time, inspiration will hit, and new life will spring forth from this humble space in the food blog universe. Maybe a photo summary will get some creativity flowing...
How do you stay motivated? What have you cooked up lately? Do tell; I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I stay motivated by looking at other blogger's cool stuff! ;)

  2. I stay motivated by checking out other vegan blogs and food blogs. With me it is more about lack of time and energy than motivation though. What is that beautiful "cheesecake" ? That looks divine!

  3. Thanks for the input! True, lack of energy is sometimes more the case for me than motivation; actually, that might be the case now, because I'm constantly awed by the amazing food everyone shares on other blogs and making mental notes to revisit the recipes/concepts! The "cheesecake" is a test recipe for Sexy Vegan Mama. I'll be posting more about it soon. :)


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