17 July 2011

Ice Cream Holiday

Word on the street--or in this case, the endless information stream that is Twitter--is that today (the third Sunday of July) is National Ice Cream Day. It turns out that July is National Ice Cream Month. I have always loved ice cream and will eat it (vegan versions, of course) at any time of day, anywhere, regardless of weather; the dead-of-winter chill doesn't deter me from indulging in sweet, frozen treats. Of course, this being mid-summer, much of the US is actually blanketed with sweltering temperatures, so access to anything remotely cold is most welcome.

In the spirit of sweet celebration and summertime nostalgia, I thought it fitting to revisit the vegan ice cream love formerly featured on this blog. The original posts are linked below each photo.
Sweet Potato Ice Cream adapted from The Vegan Scoop.
Gelato di cioccolato e nocciole (chocolate hazelnut gelato).
Gluten-free pistachio gelato.
Tofutti Cuties: mint chocolate chip and chocolate flavors, respectively.
Avocado gelato.
As much as I adore homemade ice cream and would enjoy whipping up a new batch, I don't currently have room in the freezer for storing the ice cream maker bowl. It's a shame, too, because there are so many recipes I'd love to try. I'm currently intrigued by the "7 Flavours of Summer" ice cream series featured on Vegan in the Sun; this recipe for lemon pepper ice cream is particularly enticing. Alas, for now I'll stick to perfectly delicious store-bought pints (hello, Coconut Bliss)--not that I'm complaining.

Have a happy and delicious National Ice Cream Day! How are you celebrating?


  1. Man, that chocolate hazelnut gelato looks AMAZING. I already told my boyfriend we're having frozen yogurt for dinner... I've been in the mood for it since noon today :)

  2. Wow, they are all fantastic!!


  3. That hazelnut gelato good great. I can't believe I missed ice cream day, it is winter here but that doesn't need to stop me.

  4. Isn't everyday ice cream day? I'll take a bite outta each one of those please. Homemade is fun to make but I'm also glad there's so many yummy vegan ice creams available in stores nowadays. :-)


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