16 September 2011

Halfway there

For those of you who happen to follow along with my food-and-then-some ramblings on Twitter, you may have heard me recently mention something about planning to make yet another care package for another friend. With "buttercream" on the brain, I sought the opinions of the Twitterverse, inquiring whether I should make whoopie pies or oatmeal creme pies; crowd-sourcing through social media is a neat little phenomenon, after all. Despite a dead heat in the poll (a humble but much-appreciated grand total of two responses), I decided upon attempting a homemade, vegan version of oatmeal creme pies, simply because I never tried to make them and liked the idea of using oats, for reasons unknown. Basic vegan vanilla buttercream procured from somewhere on the internet and adaptation of a Vegan with a Vengeance oatmeal cookie recipe made up the pies. I even went so far as to also make amaretti that sounded simply too good to resist. I had made some delightful sponge toffee--the chemical reaction at play is pure fun--prior to all of that. The avoidance of added sugar seemed like a long-lost memory at that point.
And after the brainstorming and baking and testing my willpower with a mountain of sweet decadence, I didn't even mail the care package. It wasn't because I couldn't, I just...didn't. With box, gift, and packing material at the ready, I abandoned my scheme at the last moment. Miscommunication and a scheduling mix-up contributed to the result, but what it ultimately boils down to was my failure to follow through. I'm realizing now that I've not been my focused, more motivated self lately; it's too visible to ignore, and I don't like it. Fortunately, the care package scheme wasn't exactly a priority. I suspect the no-pressure nature of the plan only encouraged my eventual failure to complete the task. Because it was meant to be a surprise, belated-birthday-and-welcome-home gift for a friend, I never warned her of its arrival. She never expected anything and I may end up seeing her next week, anyway, so besides letting myself down with my utter lack of execution, no harm done. Humorously enough, I snapped photos of the goods prior to the packing-that-wasn't; now that they are long-gone (gifted to my in-town family instead), those confections will be forever immortalized in their pre-mailing state through these images, suggesting a destination that will never exist for them.
And so it goes.

To end on a positive note, Vegan MoFo is about to hit the blogosphere once again! It's returning as an October affair this year, which means the fun is mere weeks away. I'm participating for my third-straight year and even have a theme planned. The renewed challenged of blogging daily with the added element of staying with a theme will be a refreshing change of pace that I could not only use, but also crave at the moment. After a few days of brainstorming, I've decided to focus my MoFo blog posts on "meals of the day" (the official theme name, if there is one, will sound less awkward); each day will be dedicated to a particular type of meal (i.e., breakfast, dessert, snack, etc.) and will feature a dish (although not necessarily an original recipe) that corresponds with that particular day's meal.

The week will look something like this:
Saturday: wildcard meal, leftover revival, or full day of meals
Sunday: brunch
Monday: breakfast
Tuesday: snacks
Wednesday: lunch
Thursday: dinner
Friday: dessert

The arrangement may change, but I'm fairly certain that the theme itself won't change; you'll know if it does, of course. Are you participating in Vegan MoFo 2011? What will be your theme (if any)?


  1. aww tiffany!  i felt so sad as i read the first part of your post ;(  i'm glad that you were able to gift everything to family.  everything looks sooo delicious!  those oatmeal pies are to-die-for! 

    i'm participating in vegan mofo for the first time ever, and i'm super excited!  each week i plan to focus on a specific type of cuisine from around the world.  it's my way of kicking my butt into learning different ways and types of cooking!

    i look forward to seeing your "meals of the day"!  ;)

  2. That is one awesome care package, loved those oatmeal pies! I've had my share of not following thru on various ideas, but at least your family got to enjoy the baked goodies. I did Vegan MoFo once, that's enough for me. I now know I prefer to read along and even that it's hard to keep up. :-)

  3. What's Vegan Mofo? Whatever it is, I want to do it! 

    And ah, there's the sponge toffee. Is it light and crunchy?

  4. I better find out more about Vegan Mofo too... hey, those cakes and sweet treats look amazing... pity about the 'not mailing them' but as long as they got eaten...

  5. Thanks, Caitlin. I didn't mean to make anyone sad by reading this post (sorry about that)--but in any case, it's all good, because the situation wasn't a total loss. I like your Vegan MoFo idea of doing global cuisine; it was actually one that I considered doing, too, and may still incorporate with my "meals of the day" approach. :)

  6. Thanks! I agree, reading along for MoFo is its own challenge, but it's a fun experience.

  7. You can find more info at veganmofo.com, but basically, Vegan MoFo (Vegan Month of Food) is an annual event during which bloggers commit to writing vegan food-related blog posts daily for an entire month (although I think something like 20 total posts is the minimum). It runs from 1-31 October this year and the sign-up deadline is 28 September.

    And yes, the sponge toffee is light and crunchy. :) My mom said she always knew it as "honeycomb." You basically make brittle, then add baking soda at the end so that it bubbles up and creates air pockets. It's kinda cool!

  8. Thanks, Alessandra. It's linked in the blog post, but you can go to veganmofo.com for detailed information about Vegan MoFo. And yes, it was nice that I was still able to share the treats with other people. I wasn't about to let the goodies go to waste, which would really have been a shame!

  9. OOOH! Those oatmeal cream pies look amazing! I love Isa's recipe for oatmeal cookies... and buttercream sandwiches?! Heck yes!

    I've been toying with the idea of Vegan MoFo... I think I'm gonna do it! Is it okay if I, myself, am not vegan / have non-vegan things prior to the month of October? I feel like I'm going to get yelled at, haha.

  10. veganinbrighton9/18/11, 9:45 AM

    All of your sugary treats look delicious, I could eat an oatmeal cream pie right now! I'm also taking part in MoFo, it'll be my second year & I think I'll be doing a different theme every day too.

  11. Thanks! If you're up to do Vegan MoFo, I say go for it. My thinking is as long as you blog about only vegan food for the entire month, why should people mind? It's cool that MoFo is actually something of interest to non-vegans. :)

  12. Thanks! I was having a difficult time resisting those oatmeal creme pies myself.

  13. your oatmeal cream pies look great!  I knew they were going to be great when I saw your tweet^^
    I like your theme too, especially Sunday brunch! yum.


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