09 October 2011


Sundays are meant for waking up late, brunching, and relaxation...or so I've heard. My idea of sleeping in is staying in bed until 8AM at the very latest, but that rarely ever occurs. I am up and out the door for a morning jog by 6:30 every single morning, give or take a few odd days when travel, illness, or injury throw me off. As a result, I'm not much of the brunching type, by any definition. Early day means an early and often modestly-portioned breakfast, not the massive, multiple-trips-to-buffet-line, late morning meal. So after giving the topic some thought--because food is constantly on the brain, especially during Vegan MoFo--I'm revising my "meals of the day" schedule just a touch. Rather than devoting Sunday blog posts to so-called brunch, I'm turning it into another wildcard day and making Monday posts about breakfast or brunch (they're practically the same thing to me, anyway). So just to be clear: both Saturday and Sunday will be about any food-related rundown I happen to fancy (one might call it a wildcard weekend), while Monday will cover the morning-type eats. Moving on...

Following a week of revisiting the Hawaii-style food I grew up eating, I'm feeling a need to get back to eating lighter, more nutritious fare. Although I didn't necessarily take the most unhealthy route when recreating traditional recipe, last week's blog menu was heavier, more fattening, and served in larger portions than what I normally consume. I'm no nutrition expert, mind you, but I know, for example, that even vegan mayo-doused macaroni salad is not exactly the healthiest choice at the deli. I do love my steamed white rice, but I'd rather not get too accustomed to eating it daily all over again. Nor am I keen on indulging in baked goods on a regular basis. It's not necessarily a body image concern (although I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it does have some bearing in determining my general food intake), but rather, it goes back to the actual physical effects that poor eating decisions once had on my system. Intuition makes me think it has to do with residual damage from the gastritis I had a few years ago, which was probably caused by my careless indulgence in the stereotypical convenience food, drinking-every-other-weekend university student diet. It took various medications, medical tests, and minor surgery for me to finally accept that my body just does not seem to take well to excessive amounts of food--especially the particularly fatty, overly-processed food that seemed to trigger the most pain. Yes, I do indulge occasionally, but I'd rather not risk turning it into a bad habit. My discipline only goes so far; I'm only human, after all.

In any case, week number two of MoFo here on Bread without Butter will be about healthier food--the more whole foods-based stuff I really do enjoy and try to eat on a regular basis.

To introduce the new theme, I'll share something I've been enjoying often over the last month or so. I'll try to make it interesting. In the meantime, behold the incredibly dull but delightfully refreshing green smoothie.
Since finally becoming accustomed to using the frighteningly powerful, high-speed blender, I am now quite taken with using it whenever possible. Naturally, the thing is perfect for making smoothies, so I hardly go a day without packing the blender with fruit and veggies. Why yes, I do like to guzzle a medley of fruit, leafy greens, and other veggies, thick pulp and all. It beats trying to find the juicer.

A standard green smoothie lately has been a mixture of celery, carrot, apple or pear, frozen banana, lime juice (if not the flesh itself), seedless cucumber, and a big handful of spinach. Sometimes I throw in some ice to make the smoothie slushy, or add fresh ginger for a little zing. Either way, I enjoy the results. The smoothies tend to be just sweet enough--certainly never cloying, but nothing I'd consider savory, either--vegetable-y, and very mildly bitter, all in a good way. They're enjoyable at any time of day, too.

What simple things do you enjoy on a daily (or almost daily) basis?

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