28 October 2011


I can't recall ever making a fruit crisp prior to this week. I have baked various cobblers, crumbles, pies, and tarts in my many years of milling about the kitchen, so how something so familiar and as classic as a crisp escaped my attention is beyond my comprehension. In any case, my first foray into this particular corner of the pie-like dessert realm resulted in not one, but two crisps.

I've had my eye on this recipe for Raw Persimmon-Apple Crisp since seeing it over at Swell during last year's Vegan MoFo. Unfortunately, the birds had their fill of the fuyu persimmons from the backyard tree before I could get my hands on a single fruit; too upset about having to purchase persimmons last season (for the first time in years, by the way), I skipped it altogether. This season, birds and humans are sharing the goods more evenly, so I once again have an indefinite supply of one of my favorite fruits.
So I made the raw crisp and loved it. The crunch of firm persimmon and apple slices are simply delightful. The sweet and tart flavors from the persimmon and apple, respectively, is a lovely contrast that works harmoniously. The date-nut topping adds more crunch and sweetness without setting it over the top. In fact, the whole thing is quite refreshing. Despite the lack of applied heat, this raw crisp still has a comforting, autumnal feel, just without the weight of other seasonal sweets.
I did also make a more traditional, baked crisp, inspired by none other than Martha Stewart. Her recipe for Cranberry-Pear Crisp sounded oh-so-wonderful; it's not only another easy dessert, but it also calls for the fresh cranberries and pears I happened to have (and still do, actually) crowding the refrigerator. I baked a half-sized crisp, making the necessary vegan-butter-for-dairy-butter swap, then adding lemon zest and fresh ginger to the filling for a little extra zing. I also reduced the amount of fat in the topping and threw in a handful of chopped, raw walnuts.
The cooked then cooled dessert was more watery than I would have liked, but the fruit was perfect; it was tender with just the right amount of bite. Again, the tangy and sweet interplay was delicious. The lemon and ginger were subtle, but the flavors fit in nicely with the fresh fruit and cinnamon in the topping. The topping itself was like a crumbly, buttery granola. The bottom-most part of it was slightly mushy, making it almost oatmeal like (still good). The dessert as a whole isn't too sweet, so I may or may not reheat leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.
A huge "thank you" goes out to The Raw Cooked Vegan and Scissors and Spice for passing along the Liebster Award to me. It's an honor to be recognized by these two wonderful blogs (and the equally lovely writers behind them). I do so appreciate the blogger love/Liebe!


  1. don't 'cha just love A-K's recipes?! the raw persimmon apple crisp looks and sounds lovely! good call on the addition of lemon zest to add zing to the cranberry pear crisp! yum! the first time i made a crisp was last year (i deglutenized a ppk apple crisp recipe) and we loved it. haven't made one since - i need to. thanks for the delicious inspiration!

  2. You have persimmons growing in your yard!  Oh, you lucky duck, and fuyus too!  My favorite fruit as well, I've been haunting the stores because I know it should appear soon in the frozen North, an emissary of sunnier climes, but haven't seen them yet.  And the raw crisp looks great.  I have to admit that in earlier days I used to stir up a mini-batch of apple crisp topping and just eat that raw--it's fantastico that way, takes 10 seconds to put together, and must be something like what you made.


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