27 October 2011


Despite being a picky eater as a child, I actually enjoyed eating spinach. That affinity to it lives on, these days with more zeal; I have adopted a tendency to incorporate them into a variety of dishes--namely soups, smoothies, and as a side to everything else. Other leafy greens, such as kale ans Swiss chard, have entered my diet much more recently, but are also fair game for nearly anything I plan to consume.

Upon spotting this recipe for Kale Bagels, I knew a batch of my very own would be in my near future...or so I thought. Even with a love for leafy greens and downright obsession with bread, I lost track of the bagel recipe, sending my epic plans of bagel baking and devouring into online recipe limbo. Obviously, I eventually rediscovered the recipe, but some part of me wishes I attempted it sooner, because the end result is quite delicious. The seasoned, wilted kale packs good flavor and retains some bite, even after the bagels have baked. The bread is tender (undoubtedly with help from the greens), chewy, and likewise flavorful. Requiring no adornment, my bagel was eaten plain, although I'm sure some of the remainder will contribute to a few delectable sandwiches. The bagels smelled a little like pizza as they baked, so I'm keen on making bagel pizzas with a few, too.
As good as the bagels turned out and as content as I would be eating only bread as a meal, I figured that I should probably throw something else in the dinner mix (and this would-be dinner post--I'm really messing up my themed posts lately). So given what was on hand and the recipes bookmarked, I went for a simple dish. This one in particular used shirataki, konnyaku that is shaped into long, noodle-like strands. (Just Hungry describes this traditional Japanese ingredient quite well.) I ended up making a mash-up of two pesto recipes, using the cucumber, tomato, and noodles from one and the edamame pesto from the other. Perhaps I should have stuck with a single recipe, because the result of my haphazard pasta assembling was, frankly, a bit bland. The bland underwhelming result surprised me, because the pesto itself was tasty and the heirloom grape tomatoes were juicy and sweet. After the following photos were taken, I mixed in leftover pureed squash and sriracha, which improved the flavor.
Maybe I was destined to eat a bagel sandwich for dinner after all.


  1. you know a bagel's a tasty one if you're eating 'em plain. that's one tasty look'n bagel, indeed - it's so pretty! i adore greens and always loved them growing up. hell, i even loved lima beans 'n brussels sprouts. your pasta looks mighty tasty too and hooooray for sriracha. so yum!

  2. You are so tuned in to the veganiverse! I just saw another homemade bagel post today. Kale bagels sounds especially awesome though. I've got to try these! And then smother them in scallion tofutti and tomato slices! Yes!

  3. Beautiful bagels! Love the green in them, I can't recall ever seeing greens in bagels before.  :-)

  4. Farrah Pileggi10/28/11, 6:39 AM

    Oooo....kale bagels sound interesting. Always looking for a way to add more kale in! Great photos. 

  5. Wow this looks amazing! So creative too. =)

  6. I love bagels and this is gorgeous. I've only tried to make bagels once, and it was just okay.


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