17 October 2011

Hitting the Books

My cookbook collection is getting a little more attention this week, as I'll be making food based on recipes from those treasured, yet too often neglected tomes. There are so many recipes I have yet to attempt. Consequently, selecting which to utilize and feature this week is a difficult process.

Fortunately, deciding upon what to make for breakfast was a relatively easy affair. In fact, the ease of the recipe itself was one of the biggest draws. I had the few ingredients required already on hand. Another plus: the recipe was from one of my least-used cookbooks. It's not that the recipes in it don't sound good. I simply have so many recipes bookmarked (physical and online copies), that I tend to cook through books or blogs in phases, scrambling my resource pile into a bit of a mess. This particular cookbook, Carole Raymond's Student's Go Vegan Cookbook, happens to be a novel-sized publication that became easily lost among my other books. But enough silly excuses. I resolve to be a little more organized, so that these recipes cookbook authors work so hard to create get the attention and love they deserve.

Anyway, back to breakfast. I made Raymond's Hot Pocket Mushroom Saute, which is exactly as it sounds. Sliced crimini mushrooms are sauteed with garlic, balsamic vinegar, and handful of other ingredients, then stuffed into the pocket of a halved pita. As is frequently the case, I couldn't resist putting my own spin on the recipe. I threw in a finely shredded carrot and minced serrano pepper, because I have so many of them around. The carrot added a touch of sweetness and attractive color, while the serrano gave it a spicy edge. I also sauteed a big wad of fresh spinach to go with the mushrooms, because I love my leafy greens. Toasted white whole wheat pita bread (thank you, freezer space) made the perfect pocket to hold the tangy, savory, delicious filling.


  1. This looks so good! I'd definitely add some greens in there too. A good, meaty mushroom is so nice sometimes.

  2. veganinbrighton10/18/11, 5:55 AM

    That looks so good, I love the idea of trying something new in a pitta.

  3. Oh, my GOD. That looks incredible! I've been having a huge mushroom craving and these pictures have put me over the edge - going to go buy some pronto to whip up for dinner tonight.

  4. What a great breakfast idea, love the pita pocket! It looks super yummy! :-)

  5. Excellent breakfast idea — especially with your additions. I used to have a co-worker who brought hot pockets to heat in the microwave for lunch — I wonder what he would have thought of this improvement.


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