10 October 2011

Monday, Monday

A bustling weekend has left me a bit sluggish. Meeting with very dear, long-distance friends is a rare treat we try not to waste. Coincidently, our meetings more often than not involve eating; depending on the day or evening, there is probably some amount of drinking involved, too. This weekend saw plenty of both. The blend of travel, nostalgia, and pure indulgence was fun, but it has certainly taken its toll on my mind and body. I'm more than willing to slip back into a more realistic, perhaps mundane, healthier practice of moderation.

For me, nothing is more ordinary than to start the day with a bowl of hot miso soup. There is no denying that I have a sweet tooth, but I generally prefer my first meal to be something savory, rather than sweet. Miso soup is, of course, wonderfully savory. I tend to keep its components to a minimum; kombu dashi, shiro miso, a few slices of onion, wad of fresh spinach, and squirt of sriracha are foundation ingredients. Sometimes I'll add kelp, shirataki, or tofu shirataki noodles. Lately, I've been boosting the umami factor of the soup by adding sliced crimini mushrooms to the mix, as I've done here.
Every now and then, my morning meal gets a spicy kick with a few bites of homemade kimchi. I love this stuff, which is easier to make than it may seem. I like to use this recipe, substituting fish sauce with either soy sauce or vegan "fish" sauce and adding shredded carrot. The small batch is quite manageable, although the canning craze I've been in since spring has me thinking that it wouldn't hurt to make kimchi in larger batches.
On a related note, I recently discovered a recipe for kimchi made with baby bok choy and cucumber. The use of bok choy intrigued me, so I decided to give the recipe a go. I made a half-batch a few days ago, again using a vegan substitute for fish sauce and adding shredded carrot. The recipe calls for bell pepper, but I omitted it, because I didn't have one on hand. I actually haven't tasted the kimchi yet, because I want the vegetables to pickle a little longer first. For now, I'll just admire the vibrant color and finish off the remainder of the other kimchi.
In other news: Please visit Love Drop for this month's mission and how you can help. Thanks!


  1. Cynthia McGiverin10/10/11, 1:12 PM

    Can't wait to hear how it turned out! Looks awesome!

  2. Veganwheekers10/10/11, 1:58 PM

    I could almost feel the warmth from that yummy bowl of soup!

  3. Likelikelikelikelike. You might be able to tell from my blog name how I feel about miso soup. I am almost never without kimchi in my fridge. Likelikelike.

  4. veganinbrighton10/11/11, 8:45 AM

    I love miso soup & yours looks perfect.

  5. I LOVE kimchi and can't live without it!  I will have to try the vegan fish sauce next time I make it.  Soup and the kimchi looks yummy!


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