12 October 2011

Silver Lining

Last week was a little rainy and generally cool and mild--much as one expects on the central coast during autumn. Today is a hot, sunshiny miserable. Summertime weather in the middle of October is cramping my mood. Consequently, I'm keeping this post short, lest the negativity victimizes unsuspecting readers. (Sorry, all.)

Here's a positive thought: lunch was delicious. I ended up making pita bread to go with yesterday's hummus after all. It's no mystery that the presence of fresh, homemade bread makes me happy, and this bread did the trick. I very slightly adapted this easy-to-follow recipe, successfully producing a fat pile of fluffy, puffy, discs of perfectly pocketed bread. I actually made the poolish a couple of days ago (storing it in the refrigerator in the meantime), which helped to develop the bread's flavor and allow me to delay baking. The final dough included white whole wheat flour and a touch of olive oil.
I could have eaten a stack of pita bread with hummus (or not) and called it lunch, but thought it necessary to add a little something else to the mix. Quinoa with sauteed onion, leek, garlic, and mushrooms was a hearty, savory, last-minute feature of my already late lunch. Serving it atop fresh spinach provided the right amount of green freshness. The quinoa and spinach were extra delicious when stuffed into the pita pocket. Everything is better with bread, right?


  1. wow, that pita looks so delicious.  it makes me miss eating pita :/  bravo for making it ;)

  2. Those pita's look perfect!! Wow. Beautiful salad too, what a perfect lunch :-)

  3. the pita looks gorgeous! I never had quinoa with bread but that sounds great. I agree. it's a perfect lunch!


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