19 October 2011

Simple is good.

Lunch is routinely the least complicated of any meal I eat. Today's midday meal was no exception. It was so simple that there isn't much to say about it. I can and will tell you that despite a lack of aesthetic flair, each component was actually quite good. In fact, they seemed to be just the simple yet comforting foods I craved.

The main event was a bowl of Edamame Soup, from Mari Fujii's The Enlightened Kitchen. At a grand total of four ingredients--edamame, kombu dashi, salt, and soy sauce--the pureed soup was about as simple as food gets. However, the light, creamy texture and savory, nutty flavor were wonderful. I sprinkled a few slices of green onion on the surface in an attempt to make the soup look a little less mundane (the cookbook photo is much more vibrant), but found that the onion threatened to overwhelm the subtle flavor of the edamame. It may not be the most picturesque of dishes, but this soup was still tasty, which is really what matters anyway.
I also made a batch of Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Appetite for Reduction. I have a substantial amount of roasted sweetmeat squash puree in the refrigerator, so I substituted that for the sweet potato. I also substituted cinnamon and ginger for the nutmeg, because a full teaspoon of the latter sounded a bit intense. The rustic biscuits were fluffy, gently spiced, and mildly sweet--a nice foil for the savory soup. The lovely orange hue was also appealing, almost making up for the soup's dull appearance.


  1. The two sides look nice together! I love those biscuits but the soup sounds really nice too.

  2. Simple is good, as long as it's yummy and the soup and biscuits both look yummy! :-)

  3. the edamame soup sounds simple and super good - i think it's pretty, too! hooray for Isa's drop biscuits - your tweaks to them sound delicious!


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