01 October 2011


It's that time of year again; the Vegan Month of Food, affectionately known by vegans the world over as Vegan MoFo, kicks off its fifth year of existence today! So begins the 31-day blog extravaganza that is sure to be as interesting, entertaining, and mouth-watering as always. Bread without Butter is taking part for a third-straight year, so please check back here daily for vegan food goodness all month long.

Past MoFo participation for this blog was a haphazard affair. Despite posting every single day, I was unable to select a blogging theme during the first two years. This year will be different. Should all go as planned, there will daily posting that actually does follow a theme. I've refined the idea I recently outlined into a finalized schedule. Each day will correspond to a different meal of the day (e.g., breakfast, snack, dessert, etc.). Here is the day-by-day outline again:

Saturday: wildcard (i.e., anything)
Sunday: brunch
Monday: breakfast
Tuesday: snacks
Wednesday: lunch
Thursday: dinner
Friday: dessert

Moreover, each week, the overall food category will change. This week's focus is on Hawaiian regional cuisine (vegan, of course).
Because today is Saturday, this is a wildcard post. I'm not sharing anything tropical--you'll have to wait until tomorrow for that--and will instead say a final farewell to September with a brief baking recap. Yesterday was not only Hug a Vegetarian Day and the eve of Vegan MoFo, but also Vegan Baking Day. It was a day designated for promoting the plant-based, animal-friendly lifestyle through the sharing of vegan baked goods. This happens to be something of a common occurrence for me, considering my seemingly incessant need to turn out homemade goods from the oven, with regularity. Needless to say, I don't require a holiday in order to bake or share the results with other people (same goes for hugging vegetarians, if there are any others to be found nearby), but will gladly take it.

Oddly enough, on the one day I perhaps should have made something elaborate, or baked multiple types of items, I instead opted for simplicity and ease. I was also indecisive and needed to devote my energy to completing other non-food-related tasks. So I made focaccia on Thursday, using leftover no-knead bread dough. Half the dough was studded with sun-dried tomato, while the other half took chopped olives. I sprinkled the loaves with fresh rosemary and brushed them with olive oil before baking. Both were crispy, chewy, and utterly delicious.
Yesterday, I baked up a quick batch of these soft pumpkin cookies. The choice was largely based upon a desire to use up small amounts of leftover applesauce and winter squash puree before they spoiled. I used raw sugar instead of white sugar; used my own combination of cinnamon, ginger, clove, and nutmeg, in lieu of pumpkin pie spice; and added vanilla extract. The wholly expected, cake-like texture of these cookies made them quite like mini muffin tops, which wasn't necessarily a bad result.
I also made a simple pear tart. Again, it was meant to use up odds and ends around the kitchen. I spread almond pulp (from making this whipped topping) on a pre-baked, low-fat cookie crust and covered it with slices of ripe Bosc pears. Apricot jam thinned with water and flavored with a touch of vanilla and almond extracts provided a glaze for the pears. I sprinkled the top with vanilla sugar, then baked the tart for 40 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, dusted it with additional vanilla sugar, and allowed it to cool before serving with the aforementioned whipped topping. The tart was crisp and only slightly sweet. Although it could have been made better with more pear slices, the tart was still a decent product of spontaneous assembly.
Along the same vein of uniting the vegan community and spreading the love through heaps of good food, we now celebrate Vegan MoFo. I look forward to seeing what this year's MoFo bloggers have to share.


  1. veganinbrighton10/1/11, 2:15 PM

    I'm doing random Saturdays too. Your bread looks great & I could definitely eat a slice of that pear tart right now.

  2. what a delicious way to start off vegan MoFo, fo 'sho! i can't decide if i like the olived or the sun-dried tomato parts of the no-knead bread better. both look equally delicious!

    i'm looking forward to snacktastic tuesdays the most 'cause i do love me some snacks.

    happy MoFo'n, Tiffany!

  3. Yum yum! The pear tart looks great! I made similar sounding pumpkin "soft cookies" the other day but wasn't sure what to call them...I settled for pumpkin poofs!

  4. Reading your post made me feel that I should be in the kitchen baking instead of sitting here reading mofo posts! Anything studded with olives is a winner as far as I'm concerned.

  5. the focaccia with sun-dried tomatoes is a great idea as well as the olives ! I've been craving for tarts and pies lately and your pear tart made me want to make one even more. although I'll probably have to wait till VeganMoFo is over.... I have a long list of things to make this month!

  6. michelle meiji robles10/1/11, 9:48 PM

    That plate w/the feet is hilarious, and your photos made my stomach growl.  My next post will be about bread-baking!  Still a novice, but I am really enjoying it.    

  7. Happy MoFo! That sundried tomato and olive dough looks sooo delicious... and tis the season for pumpkin cookies! So excited :)

  8. What a mouth-watering way to start off MoFo! Everything looks so good! The simple pear tart is calling my name. :-)

  9. That pear tart looks incredible! and whipped topping? oh, man!

  10. These are seriously beautiful pictures!  I love your daily themes.


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