23 November 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Thanksgiving Preview

I came close to not bothering to cook up anything at all special for tomorrow's holiday, but alas, could not resist the cooking urge. Taking advantage of an idle kitchen at my disposal today, I earned a head-start on preparing my contribution to the obligatory family gathering, hopefully reducing some of the competition for oven usage and countertop space with my family tomorrow. In case you couldn't tell, I'm less than enthusiastic about tomorrow; I have my reasons. A food-related round-up is likely to happen in the near future, but it's best for all of us to consider this notion as more of an assumption than a promise.
Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it tomorrow. May you have many, many reasons to be thankful. Have fun and celebrate responsibly.


  1. Was making stuffed mushrooms, a hot pepper pizza, twenty four banana walnut pancakes, two kinds of vegan breakfast "burgers," a white bean and kale stew and a pumpkin pie in three days a responsible way to celebrate?  Probably not.  Add to that changing my Thanksgiving main course the day prior to Thanksgiving, and you can tell I have thrown all caution to the wind. 

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    Vegan Fazool blog

  2. Fanny G (Northernveg)11/24/11, 7:43 AM

    Is that the pear frangipane tart from the ppk? I loved it when I made it, and yours looks beautiful

  3. Aw man, cheer up! Happy Thanksgiving, Tiff! Try to enjoy it... At worst, it is a good excuse to eat pie.

  4. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, your baked items sure do look good. :-)

  5. lynn_eva_barber11/26/11, 10:53 PM

    Oh! I want to hear about your pear tart!

  6. Love the preview. Can't wait for the review!


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