12 November 2011

The Post-Pepero Post

The day of triple 11s (11 November 2011, or 11.11.11) has long passed in all global time zones, so it's safe to say we won't be seeing the likes of such a "singular" event in our lifetime (ha). North America honored its veterans. People the world over made epic wishes. Although I am not one to believe in wishing, I did spend 11:11 trying to turn my incessant moodiness into positivity--namely, mindfully recognizing a deep sense of gratitude and directing it into thoughts of peace and hope. The practice in general has not been easy lately, but so it goes.

Just what did I do to make the day a bit more bearable? I baked cookies. More specifically, I baked Pepero, because yesterday was also Pepero Day in South Korea. I first learned of this South Korean version of Valentine's Day last year; this year, Mipa posted another vegan version of the cookies, which I couldn't pass up. I've never eaten true Pepero as far as I can recall, but I did have quite the affinity for its apparent cousin, Pocky. And any excuse to bake cookies is a good enough excuse for me, obviously. I simply ignored the so-called "romantic" element of the holiday; there were no declarations of undying love represented by the exchange of chocolaty treats here, thank you very much. (Please do excuse my bitter and impatient tone. It's the cynicism talking.) Back to the cookies...
The homemade Pepero were delightful. Some remained simply chocolate-covered, while others were topped with crushed toffee bits, too. That extra touch of sweet crunch was a good move. It's far too much fun to munch on crisp, chocolate-coated cookie twigs to stop at just a few, so I guess it worked out that I had no plans to share them with a special "other." See that? Positivity. (Sorry, I'm just being odd.)
Have any of you ever eaten Pepero or Pocky? Any favorite types (e.g., original, strawberry, chocolate-almond, etc.)?

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  1. Okay. For real though, this is one of my favorite recipes to see thus far! Pocky used to be one of my most fav things to eat and I am so happy that you made them edible for me (just for ME only!) :) These look so good! xo


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