14 December 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: The First Batch

I finally made some seasonally-appropriate cookies. These delicious lovelies went to a dear friend who happens to have a gluten sensitivity and adores homemade baked goods. Thanks to a few adaptations to this already- vegan and gluten-free recipe for Gluten-Free Gingersnaps, I'm slowly slipping back into my baking groove. We'll have to see how the situation progresses.
On a related note, the stollen I baked up back in October was included in the 2011 Holiday Edition of YeastSpotting over at Wild Yeast. There's a fine round-up of inspired, edible holiday creations, so do check it out.

What have you baked up lately?


  1. these cookies look amazing, tiffany!  that's so sweet of you to bake them for your gluten-free friend ;)

  2. These look so wonderful! Sugar crystals make everything feel so wintery.

  3. The gingersnaps look super yummy! such a lucky friend! :-)

  4. Oh man! Those look awesome, especially for being gluten free. My sister has Celiac disease, but I might keep these all for myself . You just  can't go wrong with molasses and hazelnut butter.


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