22 January 2012

New Year-esque

Inspired by the myriad treats people are making to celebrate the lunar new year and relishing a chance to spend some time in the kitchen, I cooked up a few nibbles this afternoon.
Yakbap (Korean sticky rice cake, also known as "medicine rice"), made from this recipe and pressed into mini-muffin molds.
Clementine cookies that resulted from a citrusy adaptation of my Matcha Coin recipe.
Manju (Japanese sweet bean-filled pastries), adapted from this recipe. These are supposed to look like chestnuts, but a lack of egg wash resulted in a lack of browning.
Egg-shaped manju.
A peek at the homemade shiro-an filling for the manju.
None are specifically tied to new year festivities, but I did keep traditional, symbolic elements in mind (e.g., roundness of each item signifying wealth, clementines representing luck, white rice ushering in a clean start). Even if that is a bit of a stretch, one can't really go wrong with just a little sweetness to start the year, right?
Here's to a happy, healthy Year of the Dragon!

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  1. Fanny G (Northernveg)1/22/12, 11:15 PM

    Those clementine cookies sounds very yummy.


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