23 February 2012

Many Thanks

Thanks for all of the cheerful birthday wishes on the last post, as well as for the kind compliments on the cake. I so appreciate the love!

Additional thanks go out to Air Eater and Fallen From Flavour, who recently nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. It's an honor for which I am quite grateful. I'm choosing not to pass it forward this time around, but do explore the other sites listed on the aforementioned blogs; it's a wonderful opportunity to explore the beautifully diverse blog world and connect with fellow writers.

I haven't done much cooking lately, but seem to have collected images of scattered kitchen happenings that haven't warranted their own post. Bread-baking has been on indefinite hiatus for awhile now, so most of what is shown below isn't very recent, although they did all emerge sometime after the new year. Rest assured, fellow carb lovers, I'll likely fall back into my old ways soon enough.
Pizza with marinated mushrooms, scallion, "cheesy" and marinara sauces.
French bread from Peter Reinhart's The Bread Baker's Apprentice.
Hobak Hotteok (sweet stuffed pumpkin pancakes), slightly adapted from this recipe.
Cuban Bread, without seeds, made using this recipe.
A one-time attempt at making something like pan de sal, using leftover mashed potatoes.


  1. I love hotteok! I've never made it with pumpkin before though.  That's something I'd like to try.  And the photos, as always, are super detailed and lovely.

  2. Vic (The Life)2/24/12, 12:15 PM

    That mushroom pizza looks amazing!  NomNomNom


  3. Dosankodebbie3/1/12, 5:06 AM

    Tiffany, please send me your postal address by email.  You may be able to guess why, but it won't be official till March 3 (Japan time). :D


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