08 March 2012


Roasted spaghetti squash tacos with lettuce "shells" were satisfying and easy to make. I rarely use store-bought taco seasoning blends these days, but having an injured, bulkily-bandaged finger gives shortcuts a certain appeal. The squash had been roasted and eviscerated prior to my minor kitchen mishap (the result of which is about as ugly as the word "eviscerated") and I happened to have leftover chopped sweet mini bell pepper, onion, and cilantro on hand. Canned, diced tomatoes were convenient and probably more flavorful than the bland, out-of-season, fresh tomatoes currently available. A squeeze of fresh lime juice jazzed things up a bit. Although corn tortillas are my preferred taco shells, I needed to use up the green leaf lettuce that had been idling away in the refrigerator--an oddity, considering my general disdain for lettuce. But it turns out the leaves aren't half-bad as vessels for a flavorful filling. In fact, the lettuce's cool crispness was a much-needed contrast for the surprisingly spicy taco seasoning.

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  1. My housemate and I frequently eat raw tacos wrapped in lettuce. It can be really wonderful. 


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