09 March 2012


A seemingly endless supply of fresh strawberries and tub of nearly-expired, nondairy yogurt were excuse enough to make Strawberry Yogurt Scones. I consulted this recipe, using half the given amount of sugar and adding vanilla extract. I also made several substitutions, primarily based on what was on hand (the corresponding ingredients listed in the recipe are obvious): unsweetened, plain yogurt; lemon zest; a flax "egg"; and coarse, raw sugar for the topping. I allowed the strawberries to macerate with a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar, granulated sugar, and ground black pepper before adding them to batter. (That was a last-minute decision inspired by seeing someone use that combination of flavors for another dessert on some televised cooking program I can't specifically recall at the moment.) I'm honestly not sure whether that touch made much of a difference, although the overall strawberry flavor of the scones seemed prominent enough, even without the use of strawberry-flavored yogurt. Maybe roasting the strawberries in a balsamic glaze and adding more black pepper would yield a more robustly-flavored result.
These scones were just fine, in any case. It was beginning to feel like ages since I've had baked goods in the house.

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  1. The scones are beautiful. I can't imagine having an abundance of fresh strawberries in the house but it can't be far off, right? Eventually the rain will stop, the sun will shine and summer will be here. I hope.


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