14 March 2012


Happy Pi Day, all. To be perfectly honest, I don't actually have a particular fondness for irrational numbers, but I'll go ahead and celebrate this day with an edible vegan pie. It's the thing to do, of course. I made the Boston Cream Cake Pie from Vegan Pie in the Sky (2011), primarily out of curiosity for how it would turn out. The more traditional form (i.e., all cake and no crust) was not something I ever craved, and unfortunately, this cake-pie hybrid didn't do much to alter my longstanding ambivalence. The filling seems too firm, while the cake layer is dense and gummy. Despite textural issues, the cake-pie's flavor is fine--not amazing, but certainly not bad. To be fair, the overall result isn't exactly bad, either; I just expected it to be better.
By the way, I made the crust with speculoos cookies. I may have found my favorite graham cracker crust alternative. Everything has its silver lining, right?

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  1. Teresa Affectioknit3/15/12, 7:54 AM

    It does look good...

    Have a lovely day!


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