18 March 2012


I've attempted to make black bean brownies several times, never to my satisfaction. A combination of unappetizing textures and "off" flavors resulting with each attempt were continually disappointing. However, I persisted in trying different recipes, if only to prove my brownie doubts unwarranted and to finally be able to echo the praise of other bakers who had seemingly found the success that eluded me. A recent post by a fellow blogger ensured me that I am not alone in my black bean brownie woes. Nearing the brink of abandoning my intermittent fascination with this fiber- and protein-bolstered form of chocolaty indulgence, I decided to make just one more attempt, having also caught sight of a tempting recipe for Dark Chocolate Stout Brownies. I'm glad I did.
Although I'm not about to exclusively bake brownies with black beans, I am finally able to see that there is something behind all the fuss. Perhaps it helped that the recipe I used doesn't eschew granulated forms of sugar, as some others do. The inclusion of beer may also make a difference, as provides a certain bitterness that seems to enhance that of the chocolate. I did actually adapt the recipe a bit, substituting whole wheat pastry flour for regular whole wheat or all-purpose flour; replacing most of the water called for with oatmeal stout (the remainder of a 12-oz bottle, after the cup required by the recipe was already measured); and reducing the sweetener to a combination of one cup granulated sugar and a half-cup light brown sugar. Both to my surprise and delight, the brownies emerged rich and decidedly not "beany" at all--a far cry from the gooey, foul messes that characterized my prior failures. The lack of added fat in these brownies is made clear by a distinctly no-fat-added denseness, but not to the detriment of the overall fudgy texture and flavor. It's a decent result--one that is enough to encourage further black bean brownie experiments.


  1. Teresa Affectioknit3/18/12, 2:38 PM

    Those sound really yummy!  I've never tried the black bean thing...so I'm glad you tested them all out for me... ;)

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Heather Scholten3/19/12, 10:16 AM

    So glad you enjoyed them Tiffany.  I will have to try them with less water and more beer next time as well.  :)  Sounds....delish!  

  3. Cassie Veganfox3/19/12, 5:37 PM

    That's very exciting! I actually picked up some Guinness Extra Stout on St. Pat's when I found out they were vegan. One of them will definitely be reserved for trying these out ;)


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