22 March 2012


My first attempt at homemade ichigo daifuku (strawberry- and anko-stuffed mochi) was a predictably messy affair. It was, however, unexpectedly frustrating for two reasons: 1) the mochi didn't cook properly for the first time in several attempts with the same method (note: molten mochi hurts almost as much as molten sugar) and 2) the smallest strawberries were gargantuan relative to the mochi pieces. The less-than-perfect appearance has a certain rustic charm that perhaps matched the preceding mishaps. At least it didn't affect the flavor, which was a nice balance of sweet and tart.


  1. 'tis the season for ichigo daifuku! And sakura mochi! two of my favorite Japanese confections. :)

  2. fallen from flavour3/22/12, 8:24 PM

    strawberry mochi - mmm!  i'm mad keen on mochi - my favourite is nantu mochi , with its sweet azuki bean paste.. yum! its just as well i haven't learnt to make it, for it would quickly become my staple diet. 


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