30 May 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Sharing

Most of my cooking projects lately have, in one way or another, related to spending time with a fellow veggie-loving food enthusiast. We brainstorm meals and cook them. It's such a simple concept--bonding over food--but is also something that can be (and has been) tremendously enjoyable.
Pain au chocolat (dough for all croissants from yet another fabulous recipe by Vegan Dad).
Almond croissant.
The inner swirl of a homemade croissant.
Sundried tomato and broccoli polenta.
Homemade peanut butter chocolate cups, destined for one decadent batch of chocolate ice cream.
Whole wheat pasta with coconut peanut sauce.
Good company and good food is one classic, enjoyable combination.

What's cooking in your kitchen these days?


  1. oh yes, good food and good company is the best combination! your chocolate peanut butter cups look amazing...and so do those pastries!!! YUM! thanks for sharing!

  2. Vegan pain au chocolat! You are my hero. These look fantastic! 

  3. I was convinced I couldn't have croissants again. I stand (happily) corrected. They look amazing!

  4. dr Caligari6/1/12, 9:14 AM

    Your pain au chocolat look delicious. Bravo!

  5. I have to make those croissants!

  6. msl_clarke6/6/12, 3:09 PM

    Beautiful job! It’s been ages since I’ve attempted croissants. One of these days (if I ever get my starter going again) I’d really like to try making sourdough ones.
    Having someone to brainstorm with is a definite plus in the kitchen.

  7. OMG, the croissant! and the pain au chocolat! Those look incredible! :-)

  8. I am drooling over the peanut butter cups!  They look delish!

  9. Oh, pain au chocolate, how I love thee...that polenta looks pretty good too.


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