03 May 2012


Citrus trees all over town--because each home has at least one--are already bearing vibrantly colored orbs of fruit. Some trees have also begun to showcase new, fragrant blossoms that fill the air with a potent but lovely aroma. The beauty of spring is out in full force.

Although diminutive, the Meyer lemon tree in the backyard manages to make its presence known, too. The cheerful yellow of its fruit is difficult to ignore; indeed, one would be foolish to let those tangy-sweet gems escape notice for too long. Impatient plucking has so far yielded more than a few still-greenish lemons, only reminding overzealous admirers that the best of anything always involves a wait. Thankfully, the view isn't so bad in the meantime.


  1. I didn't even know how Meyer lemons looked like. Are they very different from regular lemons?

  2. Rachiethegreat5/21/12, 8:06 PM

    I love your photos!

  3. They're a little deeper in color and sweeter than regular lemons.


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