01 May 2012


French toast is one food item that invariably gets the "how do you make it vegan?" inquiry, and understandably so; the dish is known for its fairly simple ingredient list composed namely of bread, eggs, and milk. In over three years of being vegan, I have realized that it is entirely possible to construct deliciously animal-free remakes of old favorites, including the aforementioned breakfast favorite. Unfortunately, my bread-consuming habits aren't usually conducive to stale leftovers--granted, I do actually freeze at least half of what I bake just after it cools--which means that French toast hardly shows up at the table.

That situation may very well change, thanks to a recent discovery of a recipe for caramelized French toast sticks. Immediately drawn to the thought of crunchy, sugar-coated bread in a no-utensils-necessary form, I saved half of the second loaf of last week's batch of sourdough from freezer relegation and vowed not to eat it until it was made into sticky-sweet toast sticks.
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My temporary exercise in discipline was certainly worthwhile.

To turn my inspiration recipe vegan, I simply substituted the egg with its flax-meal-and-water equivalent and used almond milk and vegan butter for their respective dairy counterparts. I used raw sugar instead of brown sugar, simply because I like the coarse texture of the former. Rather than melting the sugar-butter mixture in the pan, I smeared a bit of it on the top side of each piece of bread, just before it was to be turned down onto the pan.

And just look at those beauties sparkle.


  1. Yum! It's so easy nowadays to veganize recipes. 

  2. Elicia Williams5/2/12, 7:50 AM

    This looks so good! It's definitely on my to-try list. 

  3. those french toast sticks look gorgeously sticky and caramelized.!

  4. My stomach is grumbling just looking at that! I really need to make some sourdough. 

  5. That looks like a much more delicious use for the bread than taking up freezer space. You've really caught the sticky, toasty quality in your photo!

  6. Chow Vegan5/2/12, 8:50 PM

    You had me at crunchy, sugar-coated, caramelized French toast sticks. That looks so good! :-)


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