09 July 2012


It's the time of year I don't particularly enjoy; summer is, in fact, my least favorite of the four seasons and I tend to make it known, just out of habit. Although the temperatures tend to remain mild here, relative to other parts of the country (or even other parts of the state), those clear skies can become too overwhelming. Despite the sun and heat, I won't deny that I am actually enjoying what my summer has been so far. And just what it has been is this: many days of simplifying my routine, slowing down both out of necessity and by choice.
Ginger tea at sunset.
A lovely surprise from the boyfriend.
Favorite homemade pretzels.
Vanilla bean ice cream (coconut milk-based), homemade.
Waffle sundae featuring homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.
Rustic, deep-fried whole wheat doughnuts, glazed (foreground) or sugar-coated (background).
Rad Whip. Enough said.
 I'm spending time in the kitchen and outdoors, alone and in good company, actively and lazily. 
Jalama Beach (Santa Barbara County, CA).
Whole wheat salted pecan bars, adapted from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.
Quickly-withering flower garlands.
Of course, life could be either better or worse than it is at this moment, but this moment may be just what I've needed for some time.

(All photos recycled from Instagram.)


  1. Aw how could you not like the summer? I do understand that coming from California, it is rather uncomfortable and humid. I do remember the sizzling weathers in San Jose during my childhood and my head literally burned because I have black hair. That waffle looks so damn good! How did you make a vegan vanilla ice cream? Yummmmmm for all of your foods, Tiffany! xx

  2. This is such a lovely post. I always find mysel needing a reminder to slow down and enjoy all the special little moments that happen. Here's my secret: I don't particularly love summer, either. My favorite seasons have always been spring and autumn. I hope you have a lovely day!

  3. oh my gosh what delicious recipes! those pretzels! yum! and your pecan bars! i wish i could grab one through the screen! superb!

  4. Those Pecan Bars!!!!! I'm not that fond of summer either, but it is our shortest season by a long shot, and it sure beats 6 months of freezing, ice-and-snow-blocked winter which is our main season and climate.  Our best month is June. Wonderful June, Beautiful June. When winter gives up at last, and three seasons-worth of flowers all start blooming at once!! Unfortunately (?) tourists from all over the world know this, so Sapporo's population doubles to about 2 million and our usual ghost-town like prefecture is swarmed with cards and people.  Good for the economy though...

  5. Thanks! I made the vanilla bean ice cream by adapting a recipe from The Vegan Scoop by Wheeler Del Toro; I substituted soy creamer and soy milk with two 15-oz cans of coconut milk and reduced the sugar a bit.


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