02 August 2012

Thankful Thursday: July

Simple pleasures--a dip in the cool (if not frigid) Pacific Ocean, a casual bike ride, a homemade meal with a loved one--are helping me to retain a certain level of sanity in this summer heat. I'm certainly thankful for that.
Cheese-less pizza with tomato, fresh white corn, olives, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil.
Watermelon-tequila concoction and grilled pizza dough.
Italian and purple ruffle basil growing in the backyard garden.
Black bean and quinoa patties with kale, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and crispy fried onions.
Apricot frangipane tart.
Homemade vanilla bean ice cream (AKA, "nilli").
Blueberry ginger hand pies.
Pistachio spinach pesto quinoa with sun-dried tomatoes, cannellini beans, mushrooms, and cabbage.
(All photos recycled from Instagram.)


  1. Love the purple basil in backyard

  2. Jojo @ vegan.in.brighton8/3/12, 2:10 AM

    So many gorgeous pictures! I love a piece of the Apricot-Frangipane tart!

  3. what a beautiful post. i always feel so full when i think about everything i have to be thankful for! an wow that pistachio spinach pesto quinoa looks fabulous!

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  5. These pictures are great! Everything looks delicious.

  6. Everything looks so good! I'm drooling over here. MMM Pistachio spinach pesto quinoa YUM!

  7. those little hand pies are just too cute!

    - chaletbakery.wordpress.com


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