10 October 2012

VMF 6-10: Sweet and Sour

One of the many things I love about Vegan MoFo is that it helps to draw one's attention to blogs one may not necessarily frequent, if even know existed. This creates happy discoveries for me each autumn, when the MoFo spirit is in the air, the blogosphere enthusiastically a-buzz with vegan recipe-sharing. Just over a week into this year's event, I have already bookmarked more than a few recipes from fellow participants. In fact, I've already tried one, too, and it's a good one: Sourdough Chocolate Bread from Cook's Hideout.
Not only did the bread look good and sound intriguing, its recipe surfaced just as I was contemplating whether to use more of my newest sourdough starter or simply refresh it. Obviously, I opted for the former--my love of bread is too strong to resist that siren song for long--and am glad I did. Because it contains a good amount of sugar, especially for sourdough, and is dotted with semi-sweet chocolate bits, the loaf isn't actually sour. It's not too sweet, either, perhaps making the dark chocolate richness that much better. I opted to replace the raisins with toasted walnuts (my new favorite addition to sourdough), although I'm sure the sweet, chewy gems are an excellent addition.


  1. Bianca- Vegan Crunk10/10/12, 6:47 PM

    That is one BEAUTIFUL loaf of bread!!

  2. I have this one bookmarked too. It looks so dreamy. Chocolate and bread are two of my biggest loves, so they have to a winner when combined.

  3. Dawn Carlock10/10/12, 8:36 PM

    Jealous! As soon as I saw that recipe, I pinned it and bookmarked it! I have to get a sourdough starter going, it's on my list, but I have about ten pounds of CSA produce to deal with first!


  4. When I came across the first sweet sourdough bread recipe I thought it was sucha a weird idea. But then I realized how well it worked with mild wheat based sourdough. I never came across a chocolate bread recipe made with sourdough though. It looks so good!

  5. That bread looks amazing! I must try to do this soon!


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