11 October 2012

VMF 6-11: Round Two

As good as it is, only so much Sourdough Chocolate Bread can be consumed by one person before the bread starts to become stale. Fortunately, there is always a use for one- or two-day-old bread. French toast is a quick and easy solution to use up leftover/scrap bread (should such a thing exist); a caramelized version worked nicely with this week's chocolate-laden loaf.


  1. Chocolate bread French toast? Who could object to a breakfast like that?

  2. Jojo @ vegan.in.brighton10/11/12, 1:33 PM

    Wow, i definitely wouldn't say no to some chocolate sourdough french toast!

  3. Fanny Gelotte10/12/12, 6:40 AM

    mmm, chocolate french toast. I bet the bread would be good toasted with some orange marmalde too, cause chocolate + orange = heaven.


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