15 October 2012

VMF 6-15: Saucy

Here's another recently-posted recipe I opted to immediately try for myself: Vic's Double Mushroom Cream Sauce. It appeared on my radar just as the crimini mushrooms in my fridge teetered on the verge of decline, so I used those in place of the portabello and shiitake indicated in the recipe. In lieu of spaghetti squash, I tossed the sauce with whole wheat penne. The creaminess of the sauce derives from the cashew base and also benefits from the pureed mushroom blend (which also lends the sauce an appealing depth). I've rediscovered that I don't really care for the squeaky, almost rubbery texture of cooked mushrooms, but still enjoy their unique flavor.
The sauce even made my mom, a dairy devotee, approvingly suggest that I use the same approach for making creamed spinach. Not a bad idea.

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  1. I love pasta with mushrooms sauce! And since I didn't have any dinner plans so far, I'm gonna pick up the ingredients later. Thanks for the inspiration!


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