02 October 2012

VMF 6-2: Potato Feast

Ever since I learned how to pan-cook potatoes so that they're tender on the inside, yet crisp on the outside--the keys, I think, are a cast iron pan (for crisping) and lid (for steaming)--my consumption of potatoes has risen. Pan-fried potatoes are so easy to make, so when I happen to have a good amount of tubers around, there's a good chance I'll be firing up the pan for making the quick, starchy side dish. I've already shared a recipe for Spicy Kimchi Potatoes over at Vegan Miam; here are two recent takes on basic pan-fried potatoes.

Potatoes with vegan Italian sausage
After realizing I accumulated a sizable supply of vegan sausages in my freezer over the last year or so (yikes), I also realized it was probably a good time to do actually do something with those seitan links I must have thought were a good idea to hoard. They add flavor, textural interest, and heft to sauteed potatoes--definitely a good thing for lazy cooking moments.
Potatoes with kale and vegan beer brats
As mentioned, I have a mini collection of vegan sausages in the freezer. This time around, I figured beer brats would be no stranger to slightly caramelized onions. The impromptu addition worked out just fine.


  1. POTATOES! Yes, yes, yes. I love the potato-vegan sausage combination--so classic. :)

  2. Those potatoes look fantastic - pure comfort food!

  3. Mrs Pine Nut10/10/12, 6:48 PM

    A use for the seitan sausage in my freezer! Woohoo!


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