01 September 2009

Chimichurri Seitan

Prior to testing this out for dinner tonight, I had only had chimichurri once. I liked it well enough, having tasted it with grilled vegetables instead of the more popular flank steak the Argentinian sauce typically dresses. My local farmers' market used to include a vendor selling various sauces and condiments--including chimichurri--and its products always looked promising, but I can't recall seeing the stand during recent trips. So although my memory of the sauce's flavor is fairly weak at best, a surplus of fresh parsley turned out to be powerful enough to remind me of and urge me to make a batch of chimichurri.

Of course, adopting an animal protein-less lifestyle meant that I wouldn't be grilling up flank steak (or any other meat) anytime soon. Somehow, my normally-sporadic memory had another surprise in store for me and led me to dig out the homemade seitan from the freezer. Protein problem solved. All that was left was to let the seitan thaw and drain a little, dress it in fresh chimichurri, and toss it around in a hot pan for a few minutes. I put a bit more of the raw sauce on the cooked seitan and ate it with a slice of toasted, homemade sourdough. I still can't recall if the sauce tasted anything like how I last had it (if that was even authentic to begin with) but it was tasty change of pace nonetheless.

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