31 October 2009

Butter in Pumpkin Form

Ah, Halloween.  I hope y'all are having a fun one.  And I hope you've had fun with Vegan MoFo this year; I did, and it's been great to connect to and be part of such a creative and amazing worldwide vegan community.  So thanks to you all for making it such an awesome foodie month, and I wish you the best in cooking, blogging, and celebrating veganism!

Admittedly, I haven't been in the most celebratory Halloween mood at all, but this morning I did still have yesterday's roasted black futsu to work with, and I had said that I'd try to at least use do something with it to honor the spirit of the season (kinda).  I was so close to just making the Vegan with a Vengeance Pumpkin Waffles again (so deliciously awesome), but I think I'll save it for breakfast tomorrow instead.  I found an awesome recipe for Maple Pumpkin Butter from Vegan Visitor, and having never even tasted pumpkin butter--like nut butter, it has nothing to do with dairy at all--it seemed an appropriate time to try some out.
This is some good stuff.  The recipe seriously calls for only six ingredients, requires minimal effort, and still turns out oh-so-tasty.  You can't go wrong with the pumpkin-apple combo, and the addition of warm, autumn spices enhances the tastiness.  The aroma of the pumpkin butter as it cooked made me a bit impatient, so against my better judgment, I dipped up some of the spreadable pumpkin goodness while it was scorching hot and burned my tongue in the process.  I recommend you wait for it to cool slightly before indulging; it's worth the wait and much less painful.  And it will be so delicious paired with those pumpkin waffles in the morning.

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