08 October 2009

Cookies or Pie: A Dilemma

When I need to satisfy my sweet tooth, I usually opt for something with chocolate. But with autumn's arrival, I begin to get a bit giddy about one of my favorite, naturally sweet treats that happens to turn up in abundance right about now: the sweet potato. It seems that nearly everyone shares this fondness for the simple yet nutritious root, and there are recipes abound for utilizing it, covering everthing from simple roasted wedges to hearty stews. I tend to gravitate toward dishes that play on both sweet and savory flavors, but today I had a massive craving for something sweet, and that something needed to include sweet potato.

I remembered having a small quantity of raw cashews in the fridge and considered using them in a cashew-date cookie recipe I spotted somewhere online some weeks ago. Definitely sounded sweet, but it had nothing to do with sweet potatoes, and the inclusion of that particular item was half of my criteria. Sweet potato pie seems to be all the rage right now, and although I enjoy it and do want to try out the Sweet Potato Pie with Three-Nut Topping from Vegan with a Vengeance at some point, I just wasn't sure that I wanted to completely forgo the cookie option today. So when I can't decide, I try to compromise. Turns out that a few modifications of the cashew cookie recipe allow for a slightly-sweet, nutty pie crust, and a very mildly-spiced VWAV pie filling complemented it well and allowed for the sweet potato flavor to come through. While the photo here shows a mini-pie, I actually intended to make a sort of bar cookie/pie hybrid, which is presently in a square pan, on the counter, cooling down. I did also include a maple-sugared pecan topping on the pie bars (inspired by the VWAV pie recipe). Of course, I fully intend to make both the cashew-date cookie and sweet potato pie recipes separately and in their original forms, but for now this is a fine solution to solving the sweet tooth problem.

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