02 October 2009

End-of-Summer Heirlooms and a Simple Dinner

All summer, the heirloom tomato plants out back grew into a mini jungle, but it nearly took the entire season for them to produce any fruit. When they finally did, however, there was no longer just a mess of stems and leaves lining the back wall of the yard; green, yellow, orange, and red globes of irregular sizes dotted the leafy darkness. As summer melts into autumn, those same plants look to be nearing their final run, leaving an abundance of tomatoes in need of attention. The mixed blessing is that while I love tomatoes--these are beautifully flavorful, juicy, and colorful--I don't yet know what I could possibly do with so many. My mother likes to cook a particular roasted tomato soup with heirlooms, so hopefully she'll do that soon.

On top of that, I needed to use up a few limes and oranges that have been hanging around the kitchen for awhile. I thought about making lime bars or possibly some kind of citrusy drink, but decided against the usual sweet option. Tofu sounded more appetizing for dinner anyway, and I always have a bit of that around as well. Ah, and the swiss chard was on the verge of drooping. I decided upon baking citrus-soy marinated tofu to eat with sauteed chard (with a few very ripe tomatoes thrown in) and simple white rice. A simple meal of protein, greens, and starch always works for me. And not only was dinner pleasantly tangy and savory, it allowed me to avoid wasting the good stuff I already had on hand, which is always a good thing.

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  1. I love heirloom tomatoes - so much better in taste than regular store bought ones. I am hoping to get a vegetable garden going soon, and heirloom tomatoes are high on my list!

    Your dinner looks great, I love tangy!


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