30 October 2009

The Return of Pancakes and Pumpkin

I spent the entire day out and about, so I never got much of a chance to do my usual kitchen takeover after finally returning home early this evening.  But I did pick up a huge bag of fresh okara, something about which I knew only vaguely and had never actually tried, so I figured I could pull something together using the okara as a foundation.  I recalled having seen a few recipes utilizing the stuff in my mom's copy of A Taste of Tofu by Yukiko Moriyama, and immediately decided upon Okara Pancakes, figuring that they could pass as a decent, quick-ish dinner.  I went along with the recipe despite being a bit taken aback by the entire cup of sugar it called for, adjusting only to use egg replacer to make it vegan.  The result?  I was right to worry about the sugar, because these pancakes were definitely more saccharine than I prefer--the sweetener and flour were in equal amounts, after all, and the sugar actually carmelized to form a shiny crust.  They were really were so cloying, but I suppose they'd be good for dessert at least, and definitely more palatable with a vast reduction in sugar next time around.  I'll be looking for more savory uses for okara very soon.
In the meantime, I did happen to cut open the black futsu for roasting.  Of all the winter squash I have, the black futsu has the shortest shelf-life after it's harvested, so it only made sense for it to be used first.  And because tomorrow is Halloween (and last day of Vegan MoFo), I'll try to get into the spirit of things by finding some pumpkin-related goodness to cook up with the roasted futsu.

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