23 October 2009

Seitan and Waffles

I planned on making the recipe for Sourdough Waffles from the Bittersweet blog upon returning from my morning jog, although I should have guessed that my day would go completely as planned when I awoke a half hour later than is normal for me, and with a headache. I went out for a jog in spite of my annoyance at having to contend with increased morning traffic and sunlight in my eyes, and looked forward to the waffles that were to grace my plate at breakfast. Alas, a last-minute change in plans sent me out and about before I could put anything in my stomach, so that bubbly brew of waffle beginnings would have to wait until later.
A long afternoon went by before "later" became dinnertime nearly a full day after getting part one of the two-step recipe together. I hadn't tried sourdough waffles yet, nor had I tried the recipe for Jerk Seitan from Vegan with a Vengeance (Moskowitz), but I figured that the two pair up just fine, in a soul food kind of way. I like waffles and I like spicing up my seitan, so how could that epic combination not work? Well, it worked pretty well. The waffles were crisp and slightly sour--letting the mixture sit for nearly a full day probably developed the sour notes well--and tasted particularly good with a dribble of pure maple syrup to counteract the definite lack of sweetness in the waffles themselves. The seitan was spicy and tangy, and paired with the maple-dressed waffles and some sweet-and-spicy kale (kale, onion, garlic, shoyu, maple syrup, and hot sauce), it provided an interesting taste sensation. I probably would have preferred rice accompanying the seitan, but the meal was unique yet still satisfyingly familiar. That works for me.


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