16 November 2009

Almost-Pasta Dinner

I spend so much time in the kitchen.  Really.  But sometimes I either lack the energy or impulse (or both) to cook, leaving me snacking and trying to find quick meals to assemble with on-hand ingredients and minimal effort.  Pasta is up there on my go-to list of quick-and-easy meals, but as I drew closer to plunging the last of my whole wheat elbow macaroni in a pot of boiling water, I suddenly lacked any desire for noodles.  It's rare for me, but it happens.  Strangely enough, the meal that would be pasta morphed into a slightly more labor-intensive seitan-making session.  As in chicken-style seitan for a "chicken" marinara sandwich.  I guess I snapped out of my laziness.  The reasoning probably isn't that solid, but hey, at least I stuck with the pasta sauce, so the idea didn't just come from nowhere.

Anyway, I used yet another Fat Free Vegan Kitchen recipe to get dinner going.  I followed the directions for the seitan cutlets through the steaming step.  I used only half a cutlet for my sandwich--I wasn't that hungry--and rather than flouring it, I sprinkled it lightly with salt and pepper and browned it in a nonstick skillet.  The sandwich bread was the end of a store-bought French baguette that I lopped off for my eating pleasure.  I thought I'd keep the sandwich simple by just dressing the browned, chicken-style seitan with homemade marinara.  Had I any greens in the house, I would have applied them to making this a heartier meal.  But while those extras would have made dinner more substantial, they really weren't necessary here and I rather enjoyed the simplicity of the sandwich as-is.  It was surprisingly reminiscient of the chicken parmesan sandwiches I enjoyed back in high school, sans pan-frying and animal products, of course.  I guess it was a good thing I dumped the pasta plan.  Not that I have anything against pasta, mind you, but I'll save it for another lazy night.

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