04 November 2009

Thinking Up a Meal for One

Because no one else in my family can even imagine Thanksgiving without the bird, real butter butterhorns, and other traditional feast fare (a.k.a., saturated in animal products and totally unhealthy), I'll most likely have to cook up some vegan eats for myself this holiday season, not that I don't already do that on a regular basis, mind you.  Really, the main problem I have is that I need to reduce the scale of whatever it is I decide to make, because frankly, while the family might taste a little bit of whatever is on the table--vegan and non-vegan alike--they won't be grabbing for seconds from my stock (preferring the aforementioned traditional fare over my stuff), and I can't see myself eating it all in one sitting.  I know, leftovers are an inherent part of Thanksgiving, but I can only take so much of them and I hate to waste.  Hmm.  I'll be thinking hard about this one for the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I cooked up a couple of things during the last few days and thought I'd briefly show you the results.  The first was a result of trying to mix up my weekly sourdough routine, and the second, just a craving for a vegan version of a Filipino staple dish.

Sundried tomato and garlic sourdough bread.  Thick slices make great savory toast.
Tofu pancit.  I used thin rice vermicelli rather than the thicker wheat noodles that are often used.
Croissants are in the works, so check back for those a little later.

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