15 February 2010

"So This is the New Year..."

(Thanks to my good friend, Tanya, for sharing her love of Death Cab for Cutie...and by extension, getting those lyrics in my head all day.)

Happy belated lunar new year, all.  Rather than partaking in Valentine's Day festivities--to be quite honest, I've long had mixed feelings about the "holiday"--I focused any celebratory energy toward Losar, the Tibetan new year, in my own small and typical way: by cooking.  The last three weeks of food-related ventures have been devoted primarily to birthday celebrations and recipe testing for Taymer Mason Guillaume's upcoming cookbook, Vegan in the Sun (you'll want to keep your eyes out for this one!), so I thought it'd be nice to celebrate Tibet this Losar by sneaking in a simple Tibetan dish.  I know very little about Tibetan cuisine.  My online search consistently produced results for a noodle soup called thenthuk, and finding it an appropriately simple recipe to try, I gave it shot.  According to the recipe I ultimately consulted, thenthuk translates to "pulled noodles," named based upon the preparation of the noodles for the soup.  I only made the following alterations to the recipe: 1) I omitted the optional meat, and 2) threw in an entire vegetable bouillon cube instead of just "a pinch."
Despite its simplicity, the soup was both tasty and filling, thanks to spinach, potato chunks, and thick, handmade noodles.  I'm eager to explore Tibetan cuisine further when time permits.  I know a single pot of soup isn't the most celebratory way to ring in the new year, but for me at least, it was a way to show some love and support for the Tibetan people and whose culture's existence is still, unfortunately, very much threatened.  I hope that this year, the Year of the Metal Tiger, may bring about peace and happiness for all.


  1. Wow that looks great!

  2. Have you ever been cruising along looking at what other bloggers look at and BAM..you find something so delicious looking you must make it right now? That just happened to me over this soup. I must be part Tibetan....because my mouth started watering instantly!!!!
    Awesome!!!! Glad I found your blog!!!!
    I am gonna add you to my blog roll!!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! That soup really was oh-so-tasty.

    I love coming across new blogs via other bloggers; it's a fabulous way to find new people and the awesome things they love to cook/create/talk about/etc. And now I've found your blog and will add you to my blogroll as well! :)


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