14 August 2010


It's getting busy around here.  The activity is sure to pick up in the upcoming week, so I thought I'd briefly share a dish created with resourcefulness and time limitations in mind.  It's another revamping of a week's worth of leftovers that I'll just refer to (for lack of a better name) as Salsa Hash.
The ingredient list is fairly simple, consisting primarily of refrigerated items prepared earlier in the week: cooked pinto beans, roasted red potatoes, a cob (maybe two) of boiled white corn, homemade heirloom cherry tomato salsa, onion, garlic, hot sauce, salt, and pepper.  Inspired to make something other than mashed potatoes with those leftover root veggies, I thought of cooking up a breakfast potato hash, extending the idea to incorporate other miscellaneous leftovers (i.e., the salsa and corn).  Of course, potato hash is certainly not limited to morning consumption, but that's when I was compelled to make and eat it most recently.

To assemble the Salsa Hash, I sauteed chopped onion and minced garlic in a lightly oiled skillet until the onion was translucent, then added chopped roasted potatoes.  After browning the potatoes, I added the pinto beans and corn kernels (sliced off the cob), continuing to saute the mixture until the beans were warmed through and the corn slightly caramelized.  The salsa and hot sauce went in last, cooked only until heated through.  A tiny bit of salt and pepper finished the dish, which came together in fewer than 20 minutes and successfully utilized leftovers I may not have eaten had I not thrown them into a dish completely new altogether.

The Salsa Hash was actually pretty tasty, and quite hearty as well.  The Tex-Mex-like flavors were a pleasant blending of sweet and savory, and I enjoyed the variety of textures present in the dish.  It was certainly appropriate for a carbohydrate fix.  It may not have been the most elaborate or glamorous of dishes, but hey, I avoided wastefulness while enjoying a filling, delectable breakfast--and that's definitely a nice way to begin any day.


  1. Oh - I so love a good potato hash! Yours looks delicious!

  2. Great site, here. Can't go wrong with hash or salsa. Gotta use up those leftovers!

  3. Great site, here. Can't go wrong with hash or salsa. Gotta use up those leftovers!


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