20 April 2011

More sugar, please.

Depicted above are representatives of what has been very minimal baked goods production in this house during the course of my current refined-sugar and -flour avoidance/jump on healthier eating habits. The first two photos are of quite possibly the driest (albeit most basic) cornbread muffins on the planet. With only apple juice to both sweeten and moisten the bread and no fat, the bread--undoubtedly meant by the recipe's creator as a healthier side to accompany a robust soup or stew than typical cornbread--was rather bland without a dollop of all-fruit guava jam. Unfortunately, the muffins were no longer tolerable beyond eating fresh and still warm from the oven.

The second item depicted (a whole wheat, cinnamon-almond pull-apart loaf) does involve two unrefined sweeteners (just a touch of maple syrup and sprinkling of turbinado sugar), which I'd done well to avoid otherwise. I actually baked it as an experiment prior to a forthcoming care package-making marathon this weekend--a smart move, as I'm not completely satisfied with the results (fluffy, but a bit messy and in need of flavor-tweaking) and would like to mail some sort of bread to go along with the cookie assortment. I've already given a good portion of this prototype loaf to my brother (who has the most massive sweet tooth), so there isn't much left to tempt the carb-junkie of this house (read: me) for the rest of the week.

The spring holidays are upon us, and with them often come a host of celebratory treats. What sweets have been tempting you lately, dear readers? What springtime treats are you enjoying? For some reason, I've recently been reminded of my childhood, pre-vegan fondness for peanut and almond M&Ms, and would so love to have cruelty-free versions available.


  1. I've been craving eclairs like nobody's business lately. I finally took on the challenge myself, using Tartine's recipes (http://www.amazon.com/reader/0811851508?_encoding=UTF8&ref_=sib_dp_pt#reader-link) for the three components... with unnnnnbelievably awesome results. I'm not vegan (my best friend is) so I know this isn't of much help to you, but they were AWESOME. I was pretty proud of myself, too. They are a pain in the ass the make :)

  2. Congrats with the eclairs success! I am both jealous and impressed; eclairs were my favorite dessert when I was a kid. I remember my mom getting frustrated with how much of a pain they were to make, because I would totally request that she make them instead of cake haha. If you ever happen to come up with a vegan recipe, I'll be on that in a heartbeat!

  3. I used to love all the super sweet Easter candies...jelly beans, cream eggs, white chocolate! I can still eat vegan versions of most of those things but I haven't really caught the craving this year.

  4. Ouch! I feel for you on that cornbread. Sounds like your having a small bump on the road to less sugar. Hopefully, it will get tastier and less dry along the way. Thanks for stopping by my pad!

  5. Wow, well, the cinnamon pull apart bread looks amazing and fluffy! I've been trying to avoid baked goods and sweets lately (and always) too but have still been flipping through some delicious looking cookbooks..I saw an amazing lemon pistachio cake I wanted to try my hand at recently..oh boy.


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